The Sea Wych Salem

Ann Marie Catabia

Detailed Information

As someone who has been long connected to the North Atlantic coast and waters, I felt it was important to not only preserve the things I find when beach combing, but to celebrate the ocean and all of our waterways. I incorporate the items I forage into functional and beautiful tools for working sea and water magic, and for imbuing your space with a sense of colour and the wider, watery world around us. I handmake witch balls, witch bottles, altar bowls, spell jars, spell kits, and candles using ethically and sustainably sourced, locally foraged herbs, sea vegetation, sea glass (and sea pottery when the ocean is feeling particularly benevolent), raw quartz found on some of our local beaches, and driftwood. Please note that items not native to our coastline here but which are still important for working magic are sourced from small businesses that use the same ethical and sustainable practices I do. No two pieces are exactly alike as each item is individually made and made with intention and my own magical twists.