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Owned by Salem maker Wendy C. Scruton, Notso Kitty started from humble roots of putting planetary fascinators on cats a few years ago after being uninspired by kitty accessory offerings at various retail outlets. Now my cats Fluffy and Notso Fluffy continue to act as a muse for various handmade costume accessories— cat glasses, cat hats, and fun kitty bow ties.

Wendy Casazza Scruton has been inspired by the felines in her life since she can barely remember. Sometimes when faced with the frustration of her previous day job she started making hats and placing them on the heads of her two cats Fluffy and Notso Fluffy as a source of amusement. A few years and hundreds of hats and accessories later, she decided that she had found her calling. Notso Kitty was officially founded in Salem, MA in 2015! Now Wendy’s catastic products can be found at awesome retail spots around the United States or at one of Notso Kitty’s many pop-up shopping experiences.

Notso Fluffy and Fluffy, unfortunately, passed away in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Two new kitties joined the family in 2016 named Pepita and Roxy Hissfit. After they had settled in nicely, they met their brother Sneakers in 2017. All three kitties continue to inspire cat-tastic creations, much like the original Notso Fluffy and Fluffy once did. The original muses may have moved on, but their memories are still alive in Notso Kitty’s legacy!

Wendy also founded and developed the first-ever Witch City Kitty Festival in 2019! For more information on Witch City Kitty visit or check it out on Insta @witchcitykitty

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