Hervor Soaps

Matthew DeIulis

Detailed Information

Christine Rock is the owner of Hervor Soaps, a soap and sundries company that focuses on only using an all natural, holistic approach to skin care. Our soap is only made with essential oils and free from any artificial dyes and ingredients such as fragrance oil. This belief is also included in other products such as hair care and skin protectants such as lip balm and salves. This all started as a craft night that spiraled into a small business about 8 years ago. Believing that caring for your skin and hair with natural ingredients stemmed from developing sensitive skin and realizing that the old ways of using simple ingredients as research developed from centuries of practice was probably the answer. These views have also added to supplying other products that are made by skilled craftsmen such as 100% Turkish towels and other Nordic Products. Christine is also self trained in fiber arts that have stemmed from the Middle Ages that have helped clothe and decorate everyday worn articles to show individuality and skill. These examples of fiber arts include: fabric dying, sewing, weaving and embroidery all done by hand.