Courage Goods Pottery

Ann Marie Catabia

Detailed Information

Courage Goods is quality, functional homewares for folks who value using handmade goods from thoughtful hardworking makers. Courage Goods helps people who want functional items that not only serve a purpose but provide visual appeal and character to their homes. These goods will help people enjoy the experience of creating, making, entertaining, savoring with goods that not only serve a purpose but are a joy to look at, touch, and use. From everyday household cooking to memorable gatherings in the kitchen will be enriched and memories enlivened with the joy of using pieces the owner knows was made with love, by hand–for real life.

Courage Goods is handmade wheel thrown functional pottery with an emphasis on home, dining and gathering. All of my products are wheel thrown (with a few hand built items here and there) in my basement right here in Salem!