Bold Gold & Old

Arielle Kaplan

Detailed Information

hi! i’m meesh 💘 i started making my art at the beginning of 2022. all pieces are upcycled; sustainably sourced and one of a kind, no two are the same! i save art from the trash, rescue them at the thrift store and scour yard sales for the things that no one wants anymore. i’m able to breathe new life into them so they can avoid a landfill and live on for someone else to love. i’m obsessed with the transformation – full of color, shine and personality. the combination of different materials and mixing pattern on pattern on pattern on pattern makes my heart so happy. i’m a maximalist through and through and the juxtaposition of styles before and after is one of my favorite aspects of what i do! my pieces look best in the sun for maximum shine, shimmer and glitter ✨