Art by C. Zarbano

Arielle Kaplan

Detailed Information

I gravitate toward large scale paintings both on canvas and raw wood! I have also concentrated on many smaller ornamental pieces so there are many options for art to be accessible to anyone who appreciates it in a festival setting! I love incorporating organic materials, hand painted tambourines & drum heads, collage, functional small hand painted house wares, and I am also working on making my own beads from raw wood! I am extremely passionate about the variety, not only in my pieces, but in terms of being mindful of the people i may be lucky enough to connect with using art as the platform! Every person I have the pleasure of engaging at festival is vastly unique and can differ immensely from myself and each other!. However, I have learned through my art, that no matter our differences, there is indeed a tether between us all! My goal through my frequently used themes of culture, female empowerment, blessing & idealism, is to promote the importance of unity! I am proud when people may identify with an image I created. Because at the root of it all, we are not always as different as we think or feel. There is common ground! And id always like to be part in finding it in others!