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I love the challenge of watercolor- there’s something deliciously sublime about it, its touch, scent, and feel. It was the first medium I tried when I was little, and every time I put brush to paper, my heart aches with nostalgia. Of course, it’s very difficult, unforgiving process that involves many a trashed paintbrush and anguished afternoon, but I feel that the gentle subtleties of tone and translucence are perfect for my fantastical subject matter.

A lot of my work is completely out of my head. I don’t want to say made up, since I know that these creatures exist- they skulk at the edges of our consciousness, skirting our waking moments, gold eyes gleaming and white teeth flashing. Next time you’re in the woods. . .look around you. Look closer. The rest of my work is inspired by mythology and folklore, especially the legends of the Celts, the Ancient Egyptians, and the Ancient Greeks. Really, though, I love all the stories-Tales of magic and strange creatures? Yup. Strong women? Definitely. Antlers? . . . I don’t think I got my antler obsession from any particular mythic cycle, I think that’s just me.I have two modes: Mythic and Thoughtful (Antlers), and Crabcake. I create a range of products, from matted prints of my work (in both small 8×10 and large 11×14 sizes) to greeting cards and mugs. They feature fantastical birds and creatures, goddesses of folklore and myth, and, inevitably, animal puns. (Crabcakes, they’re out there!)