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Painting of whale
Painting of trees
Painting of crow
Painting of moon
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My name is Scott Froeschl, and I am an artist. I’ve been living in Salem Massachusetts for the past 16 years. I love the beauty of nature, and the delicate balance which occurs between nature and industrialized society. I create works of art made from reclaimed wood found and gathered from areas of discarded waste such as old barns, recycled pallets, and wood washed up on beaches. My paintings are an evolving quest to represent nature’s extraordinary beauty. I paint images of scenes I have experienced or am intrinsically fascinated with. My art is a juxtaposition between disposed wood that has been cast aside, and the wonders of the earth‘s beauty. As in nature, my paintings have an organic and unique quality. By creating works on these reclaimed pieces of scrap materials, I give new life to the refuse; a rebirth.
I also paint custom signage where I use typography as an art form. I have made signs of place names, sayings, latitude/longitude coordinates, family names, and more. I also paint weathered maritime flags to represent initials and words. I’ve painted these on whiskey barrel tops, and planks of wood that were once a part of a dinghy. I strive to create artwork that is meaningful to those who view and experience it, and I love when my signage and paintings speak to people