Ramon Santiago

John Andrews

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Lynn, Massachusetts 01904, United States
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Ramon Santiago was born in the city of Moca, Espaillat province in the Dominican Republic on May 3rd, 1971; since he was a little boy he felt inspiration and attraction for paint and the plastic arts, a couple of years later he became one of the most outstanding artist of visual arts of the Dominican Republic. His artwork is found decorating many places like inside homes and offices of the national and foreign geography; Ramon has participated in numerous exhibitions both national and foreign that have generated fame and recognition for his talent. Ramon Santiago is an artist of humble origin of native farming parents of the same city where he grew up and developed, since the beginning of his artistic career Ramon has dedicated to share his artistic knowledge with other young people from his community who admire and respect him. In his native city he had the initiative to found an association of plastic artists which at the time it was called Light, Color, & Shadow which a little after was renamed Garabato thanks to his teachings in his hometown a new generation of plastic artists has emerged who follow his current pictorial. Ramon Santiago is a self-contradictory artist, although he a halso recognizes he had the influence of some great Dominican artists.