Oksana Zotkina

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Shirley, Massachusetts, United States
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Anita Zotkina

I am a contemporary artist, whose style could be described as a blend of symbolism and surrealism. My goal is to bring dreams and creativity into physical reality. My artworks are characterized by vibrant colors, a balance between light and darkness and neat brushstrokes. I take my time to accurately compose the characters, so they could elegantly express their emotional experience. My main medium is oil on canvas. I am experimenting with watercolors and ink pens as well.

Oksana Zotkina

My artwork reflects my fascination with the animal world and nature in general. I consider myself very fortunate to live in New England where we are surrounded by beautiful landscapes and open skies.

The abundance of nature and its color and light variations never cease to amaze me and my art is an attempt to document my perception of it.

My favorite medium is oil, but I also work in acrylics, watercolors and pastels.


Anna is a young artist who works with mixed mediums: acrylic paint, gel pens, ink pens and acrylic markers on paper, canvas and other surfaces. She is also exploring digital media.