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John Andrews

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I am a queer, Afro-Latinx artist from the Bronx, and my art is always centered around my identities. Focusing on a range of topics, I illustrate pieces that tackle everything from ancestry to my experience of growing up in New York City. I love to discuss LGBTQ+ identity, spirituality, and body positivity. Whenever I create, it is with the goal in mind to provide others with art that they can see themselves in. Despite a very diverse and cultured upbringing, there was always a piece of me that wanted more from the media I was consuming. More queer people, more fat people, more Afro-Latinas living their day to day. When I create, I draw a lot of inspiration from street art and the bright pop culture palettes of the 1980’s. My hope is that this art touches any and all people who may resonate with it, and that as they walk away, they feel a little less alone because of it.