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Hello! My name is Ezra and I use they/them/their pronouns. I am a multi-disciplinary creator who works with fiber arts, illustration, and photography. I have found safety and solace in creating and crafting for as long as I can remember. I graduated from Pratt Institute in 2016 with my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, with an interest in printmaking and painting. I have always loved the physicality of film photography and that love has led me to explore with fiber arts, painting, collage and more. While in college, my work explored themes of joy, grief, and healing as I came to terms with my identity and began searching for spaces of belonging. This search continued as I worked toward my Master of Divinity at Boston University School of Theology. At the core, my journey through theological education began as a search for sacred community that held the willingness and readiness to wholly celebrate one another. My world was expanded as I emersed myself in queer theology, trauma studies, and theologies of liberation. My interests centered building Divine connection through visual art – a practical intersection that holds the potential for healing, growth, and deep relationships. Post-graduation, I am still exploring how to promote healing practices within community through the creation of a wide range of visual art forms and crafts. Today I am drawn create imagery that brings me job – combining bright colors and scenery with messages of hope and support through a number of mediums. I live on the Northshore of Massachusetts with my partner and our large dog. When I’m not working my 9-5 job in higher education, I might be working on an embroidery commission, exploring a new nature spot with friends, or looking for a good place to find an iced coffee.