Bonnie Wilson, Lexi Oates & Annabel Lee

Arielle Kaplan

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My name is Bonnie Wilson, from Mass. now living in NH. My first experiences as an artist were when I was a young child. I had many influences throughout my life that have enhanced my art. I would enter all artist contests I could growing up, it was here that I realized that I wanted to keep art in my life. I believe an artist can be born with the talent just as much as one can be self- taught or learn at a school, the artist is inside you just need the right muse to inspire you. I work primarily in acrylic, ink, alcohol ink, pencil, some digital and anything that I can paint or sculpt with experimenting is the fun part.

Annabel Lee, from RI now living in Mass. Enjoys doing her artwork as a relaxing way to de-stress from med school. Before she had several art classes through out her education and almost went to art school instead of Med school. She can now have both in her life. She primarily works with Digital, Acrylic and pencil.

Lexi Oates, from NH now living in Mass. Enjoys her artwork, it’s helpful for her after a long day at work to relax her. She had taken several minor art classes in school and setting it aside while she went to college, she is finding enjoyment in digital art as well as acrylic painting.