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Anna Dugan Mural Black Woman
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Hi, I’m Anna of Annadidathing!

I am a Filipina American mural artist & illustrator based in Salem, MA. I specialize in chalk & painted murals for any walls, windows, or boards that could use a little love. I use colors, patterns, typography, and humor to spread joy & positivity through my work. I am also working hard to create more Filipinx representation in public art on the East Coast & beyond, as I am a firm believer that representation matters. Art brings communities together and has the power to connect us to one another. My goal is to spark happiness in the people that view my work, and for fellow Filipinxs to see themselves represented in their communities. I am here to help you transform your space into an effective & aesthetically pleasing place where people want to be. If you have a space, wall, window, or board that could use a little love, I would be happy to work with you to bring your vision to life.