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John Andrews

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Amanda is an artist based in Boston, MA. Originally from Dayton, OH, Amanda enlisted in the United States Air Force (USAF) after graduating high school. After her military career, she moved back to her hometown of Dayton, OH where she began working on her Associates of Applied Science in Visual Communications (graphic design) in 2014. After graduating, Amanda began working in the design world in both freelance and corporate settings. Her work can be seen around Dayton in the branding of MJ’s on Jefferson, and the Jewish Cultural Festival. In the fall of 2019, Amanda moved to Columbus, OH in search of better design and art opportunities. She accepted a job as the Design Coordinator of a small start up company, but ultimately lost the position due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During the extended shutdown (as a result of the pandemic), Amanda began focusing more attention on her art. During this journey, she relocated to Boston, MA. Shortly after moving, she enrolled at Salem State University to begin working on her Bachelors of Fine Arts (with a concentration in painting). During her first semester, Amanda fell in love with watercolor; although she does continue to work in various other mediums. Amanda works in graphite, oil-pastels, acrylic, pen/ink, and watercolor mediums. She has a range of style, but has a particular affinity towards surrealism. Her style can be best described as surreal expressionism.