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Ann Marie Catabia

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Inspired by my love for communicating scientific concepts through abstracted realism, the subject of this design is a focused overlay of two different approaches to moon mapping; the colorful underlay is the GRAIL Gravity Map of the Moon, and the black and white linework overlay is the Topographical Map of the Moon. As it’s commonly put, the personal is the universal, and here, we find the universal is the personal. The moon is our closest celestial neighbor, a truth shared by every person on earth. Here, in the community of Salem, we see the moon in our tides, in our skies, in our collective moods, and in our upcoming eclipses. Through public arts, I invite participants to engage in a wider look at our universe, our systems, our place through lenses and forms outside our narrow confines of the visual spectrum. Rooted in astronomical accuracy, my work adds color and depth to both physical spaces and imaginations, and I look forward to sharing this with my community here in Salem.