2019 Street Fair Artists

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*List of street fair artists is subject to change.

Vendors for Saturday and Sunday

Acid Earth Shop
Acid Earth Shop creates nature inspired jewelry out of recycled copper and brass sheet metal and handpicked natural stones. Each design is hand cut with a jeweler’s saw and meticulously filed, sanded and soldered together, with hand drawn acid etched designs.
Falmouth, MA

ADC Jewelry Designs – Exquisite Jewelry For A Cause
ADC Jewelry Designs creates exquisite handcrafted semi-precious gemstone jewelry with a unique blend of both Eastern and Western styles. Some are simple and elegant while some big and bold. Most of them showcase one-of-a-kind handmade pendants from all over the world.
Lexington, MA

AEC Design
AEC Design creates original art printed on various products such as stickers, bookmarks, bags, prints, keychains, and more!
Beverly, MA

Amelia Leonards
Amelia Royce creates the creatures that come out of her head, the ones that skulk at the edges of our consciousness, skirting our waking moments, gold eyes gleaming and white teeth flashing. Her other work is inspired by mythology and folklore, especially the legends of the Celts, the Ancient Egyptians, and the Ancient Greeks. Her works vary from matted prints to greeting cards to mugs, featuring fantastical birds and creatures, goddesses of folklore and myth, and, inevitably, animal puns.
Gloucester, MA

Anna Dugan
Anna Dugan combines humor, color, pattern-work, life experience, and my heritage to create fun, relatable, & beautiful stickers, T-shirts, and prints of original artwork.
Salem, MA

Art by Crissy Zarbano
Crissy creates works on canvas varying in size from super large to small! Her tambs are popular within the community, several other small musical percussion instruments on skins and wood with original designs! She added some raw wood and hand painted pieces as well as raw wood birch branch ornaments!
Salem, MA

B and B Glass Studio
B and B Glass Studio creates whimsical, colorful glass creations designed to make you laugh and put a smile on your face. Their work includes crazy glass chickens, flyin’ witches, colorful hummingbirds, unicorns, pigs, and other humorous glass animals and miniatures.
Hull, MA

Beverly Bees
Beverly Bees offers local honey and beeswax products direct from their own bees! Award winning honey, handmade 100% pure beeswax candles in many shapes and sizes from figures, votives, pillars, tapers, animals and more as well as beeswax skin care from our organic and sustainably managed hives. They make over 15 types of lip balm, salves infused with herbs, and hand and body lotions.
Beverly, MA

Courage Goods Pottery
Courage goods is quality, functional homewares for folks who value using handmade goods from thoughtful hardworking makers. These goods will help people enjoy the experience of creating, making, entertaining, savoring with goods that not only serve a purpose but are a joy to look at, touch, and use.
Salem, MA

Cutting Edge Boston
Cutting Edge Boston strives to design products that combine laser cutting technology with handcraft woodworking elements. They specialize in wooden jewelry and home decor items.
Lynn, MA

Darien Fortier \| Jewelry + Goods
Darian Fortier creates delicate, geometric, and minimalist jewelry and goods that are architecturally-inspired and created using digital design and fabrication tools. All products are made with high-quality,natural materials, including recycled leather, 14k gold-filled hooks and chains, and solid natural brass.
Beverly, MA

Double Exposure
Double Exposure creates on wood in the round & on wood inspired by music & social issues. Their paintings are inspired by nature, meditation, and jazz; their images are visual metaphors saturated with color. They also combine their very different styles in primarily music-themed collaborations.
Salem, MA

DWolf Designs
DWolf Designs paints with oil on canvas, wood, and often uses re-purposed materials, including building their own frames. They paint primarily land and seascapes inspired by their own photos and imagination.
Tyngsborough, MA

Eric Draws Art
Eric Draws Art brings all things fantasy, sci-fi, comic book, and pop culture related to life with watercolors and other aqueous mediums.
Cambridge, MA

From The Sea Arts
From The Sea Arts creates mixed media ocean-themed artwork. All materials used have been locally found at beaches on the North Shore, including seaglass, driftwood, shells, and more. From the Sea Arts also makes a collection of ocean themed linocut prints, patches, t-shirts, and more!
Lynn, MA

Guilday Glass
Guilday Glass creates unique stained-glass designs made with shells, beach glass, fused beads, wire, and copper. They create sun catchers, panels, mirrors, ornaments, magnets, and seasonal items.
Walpole, MA

Hetmans creates works of art people can wear every day, eyewear that Cleopatra, Jimi Hendrix, people 500 years from now, and Obama would think are cool.
Smallwood, NY

Holy Crow
Holy Crow is Art, Design, and Evidence of Magic. Best known for hand-made magical and macabre jewelry, Holy Crow creates unique pieces designed with magic in mind. In addition, they offer illustrations, photography, zines, witchcraft supplies, and curated ephemera from around the world.
Salem, MA

Hypnovamp creates shadowy sci-fi jewelry for space witches, made of handcrafted silver and bronze with natural gemstones, and 3-D printed polyamide.
Lowell, MA

JessiBelle Studio
Experience nature up close through the stunning macro photography of JessiBelle Studio. You’ll recognize many of your favorite plants and animals from local Massachusetts, as well as the Southeastern US. Check out our calendars, prints in all sizes, as well as new and refurbished frames!
Peabody, MA

K Rose Illustration
K Rose Illustration creates family-friendly illustrations, gifts, greeting cards, and custom onsite ‘while you shop’ watercolor portraits!
North Attleboro, MA

Karens Crowns And Hats
Karen’s Crowns And Hats creates an assortment of hand-stitch Crowns and embellished Hats!
Oakham Masss, MA

Karrie B. Whisler – Fine Art
Original abstract paintings and collages made by Karrie incorporate intuitive mark making and a calming color palette. Paintings are created on a variety of sizes and surfaces, including canvas, wood panel, and paper.
Salem, MA

LNK Designs Boutique/Northern Lights Aglow
LnK Designs Boutique creates hand-made jewelry, including painted glass necklaces and rings, wire-wrapped sea glass, beaded and charm bangle bracelets, suede animal and ocean-themed bracelets, and a beautiful ever-expanding line of Swarovski crystal hand-mounted gemstone rings, bracelets and necklaces. In addition to jewelry, LnK Designs also makes hand-made wooden Swedish star lights carved from basswood with LED installed lighting and fun, themed soaps.
Northern Kingstown, RI

Maura O’Connor Illustration
Maura Oconnor Illustration creates thoughtful paper goods featuring unique illustrations, featuring New England scenes, flora, and fauna.
Beverly, MA

Moody Interiors
Moody Interiors is a home decor gift shop located at 131 Essex St. Salem MA, featuring locally made products from artists and makers from the North Shore.
Salem, MA

Notso Kitty
Notso Kitty creates handmade items for cats and cat lovers, including cat toys, cat costumes, cat cosplay, and other cat-inspired gifts.
Salem, MA

Nova Luxe Studios
Nova Luxe Studios creates hand-sculpted wire trees and treescapes.
Southampton, MA

Ravenstone offers a collection of handmade and hand-selected treasures. Their collection includes unique jewelry, ceramics, crystals, and ethically-sourced natural curiosities such as painted and adorned animal bones, and one-of-a-kind terrariums.
Lynn, MA

Rest Press
Rest Press creates woodblock carvings, woodblock prints, handmade t shirts, pins, stickers, and patches.
Salem, MA

Right Place Right Time
Right Place Right Time creates various landscape photos from around the North Shore. Photos will vary in sizes from 4 x 6 inches to 30 x 40 inches. All include a matboard and encased in plastic.
Salem, MA

Roseadela's LLC
Roseadela's works in water color and acrylics cover a variety of subject matters, but, whether she has created a seascape, still life, or pastoral scene, her work invokes a sense of whimsy and joy. At the Salem Arts Festival, they will be featuring original canvases, prints, and hand-painted note cards showcasing Roseadela's original works of art.
Salem, MA

RPR Holistic Arts
RPR Holistic Arts creates whimsical paintings, wearable art, and crafts powered by Love and LifeForce. Experience Polymer clay necklaces, earrings, scarf pins, local watercolor, and mixed media acrylic prints and giftcards, Mandala Wind Dancers, lavendar eye pillows and more.
Salem, MA

Sasquatch Woodworks
Jonathan Remer, Artisan and Founder of Sasquatch Woodworks turns scrap wood into unique live edge pieces of usable art. Working with a number of local lumber yards in New England, he handpicks each wood piece to design custom housewares including tables, serving platters, lazy susans, charcuterie boards, wine holders, bowls, and more. He specializes in unique metal, stone and grain inlays and works with a Lichtenberg burner to produce fractal electrical burn patterns into many of his pieces.
Saugus, MA

Serendiptish/Spikesdragon creates beautiful wire trees rooted on and blooming with semi-precious stones. Additionally, they are a mixed-media and fiber artist, offering canvases, clothing, knick-knacks, and googahs.
South Deerfield, MA

Skeletons in the Closet
Skeletons in the Closet is a handmade clothing line featuring dark and whimsical fashion for all ages, sizes, and genders. Their designs combine multiple styles while also mixing fabrics and textures to create dynamic and unique looks for all occasions. Each piece is carefully crafted to look glamorous while feeling casual to wear, bringing elements of fantasy to your every day wardrobe without sacrificing comfort.
Boston, MA

SketchyBooks is a nod to the community of Salem, to the designers, artists, creators, and thinkers and to the neighborhoods and the places where people live work and play. The items sold at SketchyBooks are meant to inspire people to look at Salem with a new lens. The items at SketchyBooks are meant to look good, feel good in your hand, and make a great souvenir.
Salem, MA

Storyteller Jewelry
Local artist Raelinda Woad combined her passion for storytelling with her skills at jewelry making to create a line of tiny, wearable books with her own original stories folded inside them. Her stylish and entertaining Storybooks are worn by hip librarians around the globe.
Salem, MA

Studio McGaughey
Studio McGaughey creates animal stickers and pins, magnets, and prints depicting the countryside, National Parks, famous explorers who have changed the world, and illustrations inspired by famous books. Additionally, they offer children's coloring books and puzzles as well as tote bags and shirts of various designs.
Beverly, MA

Suzanne Harkins Art
Suzanne Harkins Art uses bright colors and abstract design that stimulates the imagination and are of a cosmic nature. The process involves paint, a blowtorch, and various chemicals, creating an unrestricted free flowing process of creation and not having to follow a certain structure.
Salem, MA

The Corey Press
The Corey Press is hand-carved madness. Medieval alien abductions, Lovecraftian weirdness, and occult conspiracies all bound in ink and pressed to wood.
Salem, MA

The Twisted Forest
The Twisted Forest specializes in magically-inspired jewelry and accessories. Each piece is delicately crafted with all natural stones and metals to bring the energies of the Earth to you!
Hinsdale, NH

Voidspire Manufacturing
Voidspire Manufacturing is a small scale Boston-Area laser manufacturing and design studio. They specialize in home goods, especially lamps, as well as functional toy gadgets and novel apparel.
North Reading, MA

Witch City Artists Collective
Witch City Artists' Collective is a group of artist friends, who live, work, and play in Salem MA, and the North Shore Area. Their colorful and eclectic mixed media creations include: Nesting Dolls, Small Sculpture, Paintings, Prints, Jewelry, Clothing, and Accessories.
Salem, MA

Vendors for Saturday ONLY

Ariel Kessler - Mixed Media Art
Ariel Kessler creates original mixed media art that combines collage, painting, printmaking, and photographic techniques. Framed and unframed available, plus limited edition prints and greeting cards. Whimsical and colorful inspired by memories and stories.
Watertown, MA

Art by Brad and Veda
Art by Brad and Veda creates Occult Acrylic paintings, surrealistic and dark in nature, with some comedic quality.
Cherry Valley, MA

Brit K. Caley
Brit K. Caley creates digital paintings, using a pen tablet to create stylized paintings centered around themes of fantasy, pop culture, and romance.
North Andover, MA

Cruz Art Designs
Cruz Art Designs creates socially-conscious wearables, selling 100% cotton baby onesies, toddler, youth, and adult shirts featuring our hand drawn "bee" design accompanied by a positive word. Their shirts are available in both short and long sleeve and in various colors. In addition, we offer stickers and pins.
Salem, MA

eGlassLady creates one-of-a-kind colorful hand blown glass. Her collections include decorative and functional items such as vases, bowls, tumblers, fruit, soap dispensers, sun catchers, etc.
Swampscott, MA

Good Witch of Salem
Release your inner Good Witch with magical and joyful clothing, accessories and more!
Swampscott, MA

Jar of Buttons
Jar of Buttons artists offers vinyl stickers with your favorite animals, vegetables, and minerals! They have comics and zines about romance and self discovery, as well as beautiful prints with full color illustrations!
Salem, MA

Joe's Fresh Fish Prints
Joe's Fresh Fish Prints creates prints made the old fashioned way, with ink, paper, and a fish.
Salem, MA

Michaela Savell
Michaela Savell creates whimsical oceanscape and landscape paintings related to the North Shore. Her work captures both the vibrancy and playfulness of this area, showing what each location beautiful to her.
Salem, MA

Ruby Jules
Ruby Jules creates boho-style long necklaces with stainless steel chains, leather, and natural stones in addition to custom bracelets and earrings. The jewelry is very versatile with stones from the ocean crocheted with dainty covers. A variety of shapes and colors really bring out the personality of these stones!
Salem, MA

 Vendors for Sunday ONLY

Ancient Fire Henna
Ancient Fire Henna creates beautiful, natural henna body art.
Amesbury, MA

Duque Skate Art
Steve Duque from Duque Skate Art upcycles locally used skateboards into functional Art! Handcrafted Pens, Key Chains, Earrings, and over 25 other items, All made from Skateboards.
Cumberland, RI

Eight Acorns
Eight Acorns is nature-inspired terrarium accessories and home decor items, featuring preserved botanicals and herbarium collected from all around the world. Eight Acrons bottles the feeling of that long-awaited Spring, the beauty of a blooming meadow, recreating a walk in the woods or beach, or a trip to the garden or your favorite nature spot. The combination of earthy gemstones, raw metals and real plant material help me to create unique pieces perfect for a modern bohemian girl.
Sharon, MA

Lisa Page Pottery
Alive with color, texture, and curvy shape, Lisa Page Pottery adds a sense of playful other-worldliness to the rituals of everyday life. They love creating one-of-a-kind pieces to compliment that time we take to slow down and enjoy life. Be it a good cup of coffee/tea, lighting incense or candles, or putting precious items in a special place, their pieces add a little whimsey and mindfulness to our lives.
Salem, MA

Meghan May Daly, Visual Artist
Meghan May Daly is inspired by the ocean, the rocks, and the trees; physical and mental structures of humanity; geometry & symmetry; and symbolism. Her dominant medium is clay, but also offers prints and originals of chalk pastel and watercolor paintings. The ceramics range from functional to sculptural, and incorporate surface decoration whether through sgraffito, carving texture, or making imprints of objects.
Beverly, MA

Salter's Point Provisions
Salter's Point Provisions creates coastal-inspired artwork and home decor.
Beverly, MA

Sarah Koff Studio
Sarah Koff Studio tells stories of community, nature, food, and home through woodcut printmaking in the seacoast of New Hampshire. Her work, which is largely black and white, comes in a range of sizes. She also uses woodcuts to make alphabet flags, seed packets, canning lid labels, temporary tattoos, and notecards.
Exeter, NH

Taylor B. Made
Taylor B. Made creates pottery that mimics this contrast between simplicity and chaos in her life. Black underglazes are used to add splatters and brush strokes to unblemished, ivory clay. Playful words and phrases are used to add a touch of humor and relatability.
Somerville, MA